• Pilates the power of Reformer

    19 October 2018 by

    Pilates the power of reformer There is probably no piece of equipment more famous than the Pilates reformer—and that is for good reason. The reformer makes a dramatic impression when you first see one, and an even more dramatic results in your body when you use it.Reformers classes are usually one of the main choices and most popular… Read more

  • Diastasis Recti: How to solve it ?

    25 January 2019 by

    Diastasis Recti  FYI This topic is also addressed to women and men outside of pregnancy. Today we will talk about one of the main issues post-partum: Diastasis recti. So what is this ? How can you check it?  Who is concerned? What’s the main risks ? How to solve it? The solutions, prevention and recovery.   … Read more

  • Prenatal Pilates : the Super method for pregnancy

    7 September 2018 by

    Prenatal Pilates : the Super method for pregnancy   Prenatal pilates can make a whole difference in the way expectant mom live their motherhood, pregnancy, labor and delivery. From its extraordinary adaptability & amazing results Pilates is a method that suits pregnancy perfectly.  I started my journey in pregnancy world as postnatal Pilates specialist and… Read more

  • The importance of taking some time Off

    11 July 2018 by

    Holidays and summer are around the corner, and you already trying to figure it out: how to continue my routine? Keep my efforts all together and keep on progressing? One week with no sport and you already freaking out thinking about it; In this article I will let you know how to compensate 1-2 weeks… Read more

  • Pilates exercises to help with sciatica

    14 February 2018 by

    What is sciatica and what causes it? Are there sciatica exercises that will help relieve the pain?   Dr. Brent Anderson has dedicated a lot of researches to that question. He is a physical therapist, Orthopedic Certified Specialist, and the founder of Polestar Pilates method, one of the leaders in Pilates instructor training focusing on rehabilitation.  So in this… Read more

  • 8 foods To enter Fall with energy

    15 September 2017 by

    Fall is around the corner, Shanghai has done its back to school and with it it’s craziness of: work, social reunions, parties, birthdays and activities. We love it, but it’s gonna require you to have a good level of energy. Now you may know from TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) and others holistic sciences that food… Read more

  • Eat fat, get slim

    6 August 2017 by

    Many of us, including me, have been told for many years that fat is bad for your health and scale, and to get healthy and fit, you’ll have to remove fat from food. For a long time, we thought that fat was “global fat” and make no distinction between “fatty” ingredients. I myself, removed all… Read more

  • Back pain doesn’t have to be chronic

    8 March 2017 by

    Back pain doesn’t have to be chronic Back pain became the curse of the century Nowadays: Everybody has back pain from teenager to the oldest. Having back pain is normal and we get operated from our sciatic like we would remove a cavity: it’s “normal” procedure. Slipped disks, compression, sciatica:  everyone has it’s own and… Read more

  • Ballet for Adults

    16 October 2016 by

    Jeydancepilates launches FLOOR BARRE (Barre au sol)  Barre à terre literally “floor barre” in English is a technique that reproduces the classic ballet barre but into floor. Also called “barre au sol” with Boris Kniaseff method, the barre is actually an imagined barre, and dancers / practicioners use the floor to get their exercises done.… Read more

  • Pilates is NOT yoga

    16 September 2015 by

    Hi All !  I have recently talked with friends, network and even athletes and I discover this terrible confusion that has been spread  – let Me tell you this breaking news once for all : Pilates is NOT yoga – And I could add « AT ALL »  Let me explain and try to understand why this false thought has… Read more

  • Spirulina vertue and “Super Food”

    24 September 2014 by

    SPIRULINA  What an Original name for such uncommon ingredient. SPIRULINA IS AN ALGAE _ SEA WEED –  You might be saying  « Come on, can I really see any health benefits from eating some algae? » The answer is YES! Here is a partial list of the health benefits associated with Spirulina: Boost the Immune System* Improve… Read more

  • Benefits of the Grain

    18 July 2014 by

    How Grains can be profitable  Eating grains, especially whole grains, provides health benefits. People who eat whole grains as part of a healthy diet have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases. Grains provide many nutrients that are vital for the health and maintenance of our bodies. With several examples of which grain, which benefit… Read more

  • Rice Vermicelli Salad

    4 July 2014 by

    Hello To Every body ! Today I want present to you special recipe, very good for workouts and easy to do from home; Influenced by my tastes and love for Asian food- Let’s do A Rice Vermicelli Salad  Rice Vermicelli are these noodles made from ground rice, are found throughout Asia and are used in… Read more

  • Grand Opening Atelier Pilates Côte d’Azur

    1 July 2014 by

      Opening JEYDANCEPILATES Cote D’Azur Bonjour à Tous !  Aujourd’hui une info pour vous annoncer le Lancement des  ATELIERJEYDANCEPILATESCOTEDAZUR– Le premier cours aura Lieu : le 10 Juillet 2014 à 19 heures au Jardin du Monastère de Cimiez –  (voir Map et photos de l’adresse ci-dessous)           Le premier cours est un… Read more


    27 May 2014 by

    PILATES FOR MEN Hello Everybody so Today Iam coming back with a VERY SPECIAL article and today it is about frequently asked topic when regarding Pilates practice : MEN. Let’s look closer at this specific question: Is Pilates useful for men ?  First of all I think Men are afraid to practice Pilates because they… Read more


    20 May 2014 by

    Pilates will Comes to You  Hello Lovely Followers ! Glad to write to you again on My blog !  Sorry for the delay and late articles – I have been pretty busy at work, classes took all my time and have been running around, incapable of finding time to relax and write to my favorite audience,… Read more


    11 May 2014 by

      THE BREATHING  It has been A Subject Often Under-estimated, neglected and deserted by students as well as numerous teacher : The Breathing. The importance of breathing and its consequences on the ability to execute a difficult move ment with better ease is not to prove anymore – although a lot of students and professional… Read more


    30 April 2014 by

    THREE OUTFITS TO STRETCH COMFY Today I would like to show you three different ways to wear active clothes and feel trendy as you stretch and workout. Sober Stretch I wear: -Top: Thin strap Black tank top -Bottom: Green and Black Nylon&Elastane Pant Forever 21 Brand -Foot: Pink stretch Nike Studio Wrap pack Shoes  Color Block… Read more


    23 April 2014 by

    FLAT TUMMY-STRONG ABS A dream image for most People as well as an issue. As a fact maintaining a flat tummy might be a difficult thing to do. Pregnancies, lifestyle, bad food habits,  big days of work, made life hard on your tummy.  We face now a lot of people unsatisfied with their « flabby belly » . … Read more

  • Can We Really Start Ballet as an Adult ?

    16 April 2014 by

    As I am Launching My New Class Of Ballet For Adults Beginners, lots of questions came to my mind :  « How an adult can approach Ballet ? What will Ballet bring to my students ?How can I help them improve  ? »  Here is a well-known fact  : traditionally Ballet is a dance that you start… Read more


    5 April 2014 by

    An unique and original event, never done in Shanghai before.  WHEN SALSA MEETS PILATES    Teachers  MIKE HONDA : Salsa – Latin Street Dance Instructor JEYDANCEPILATES : Formet Ballet Dancer- Pilates Certified instructor   Two strong and influent artists, devoted to their passion and Dance will Bring You Energy, vitality and Love during these Two Hours Workshop… Read more

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