Jey (short for Geraldine) is a french Ballet teacher and Pilates instructor teaching her method and knowledge worldwide. Based over a decade in Shanghai, shes established solid client base and spread her knowledge throughout Asia. Teaching and leading conferences & workshops, from Shanghai to Bangkok, Bali or Hongkong. based in China, Shanghai .

She is the founder of Jeydancepilates Ltd company and co-founder of Belle Maternity program for women’s healthcare.

Jey comes originally trained in Ballet education, discipline to which she has devoted herself since the early age of 4 years old.

This perfectionist, movement specialist, then enriched her traning with multi-disciplinary trainings including: dance, jazz, and contemporary and got trained with the best as Pietragalla in Marseilles, Rosella Hightower in Cannes or the Russian Ballet of Monaco, Marika Besobrasova.

She now focuses on more integrative wellness techniques and had developed experiences and care approach through mind-body techniques.

After she injured her self, she started teaching Ballet and floor barre and besides her physical training, she learnt Chinese at the National Institute of Eastern Civilizations and Languages in Paris.

To understand her own injury, she became passionate with anatomy and well-being techniques various ways to get stronger and recover. She obtained her professional diploma of dance and then Pilates in Paris with the Original Method- Romana – Certified The original Pilates ®, and more recently train again with BASI Pilates certification (PMA).

She completed her trainings with anatomy’s and orthopaedic methods like gyrokinesis, sophrologia and stretching, to get a full knowledge of body’s functions.

Because of her extensive knowledge and care of body’s anatomy and functional movement, Jey is often referred by chiropractors and osteopaths to work on healing and safe effective musculature.
She specialized Postnatal care and especially in postpartum abdominal and pelvic floor restore programs, trained by midwife and hypo- breathing techniques.

She created her own program Belle Maternity under renowned Sarah Calestroupat midwife supervision and training, in collaboration with other professional from medical and non medical world, to accompany and support motherhood in Shanghai.

She taught in France, Nice, Paris, before leaving for Asia where she started to teach in Hong-Kong and then since 2014 in Shanghai.

More recently she’s launching her new project : Pilates retreats to bring her care for wellbeing to the next level.

Her client fields includes pre ans postnatal women, athletes, dancers, rehab and post surgery people, teenagers.

Credentials Pilates

  • Pre & Post pregnancy Pilates : post-partum certified specialisation- pelvic floor Rehab Pilates ®
  • Rehab Pilates – postural Pilates : injuries, chronic pain, post surgery

Credentials Ballet

  • Ballet for kids from 4 years old
  • Ballet and floor barre ( Boris Kniaseff method) for adults
  • Stretching for teens and adults

Jey is an intuitive teacher and body lover practitioner who dedicated to what she does. Passionate she continually studies and takes workshops to maintain her high standard of service to her clients and for herself. Her true commitment for each person who steps in her studio is to be able to guide them toward a body’s awareness, pain free, healthy holistic lifestyle that she believes we all desire and deserve.

They trusted Jeydancepilates – Testimonies

I love Jey’s pilates class. She has very good knowledge of anatomy and pilates. Every week she ensures a whole body workout focusing on core. I highly recommend to try.

Richa Kulkarni – India
33 years old business woman

That’s a really great bodywork, but suitable for all, even for those who are quite new for pilates. Jey explains everything perfectly and you can be sure that you follow the technique. So you will be able to enhance you strength and flexibility quite rapidly !

Daria Budyak – Russia
28 years old, young business woman working in Shanghai

Jey has a sensibility and care of the movement, I almost never seen in my entire life. I only met two persons that know and feel body and people like she does.

Valérie, 50 years old – French
CEO & Pilates practitioner for 5 years

If you never understood Pilates, try Pilates with Jey.

Lili – USA
Mother of two kids and entrepreneur

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