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Hello Lovely Followers ! Glad to write to you again on My blog ! 

Sorry for the delay and late articles – I have been pretty busy at work, classes took all my time and have been running around, incapable of finding time to relax and write to my favorite audience, but here I’am and I’m coming back with a lot of great news and amazing upcoming events.

This summer i’m going to be there for everybody, spreading JeyDancePilates spirit world wide . Here are the programs : 

1 . Workshop in Shanghai 

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Two upcoming events in Shanghai : 

Summer Training For Ballet Kids- From 30 of June to 5th of July –

  • Five days to Train, Learn better Ballet postures, discover musics rhythm and get deeper into Ballet Spirit.
  • Afternoon Intensive : 1.30-3.30 Kids Ballet 6-8 years old
  • Afternoon Intensive Little Ballet – initiation to Ballet world, vocabulary and terms : 3.30-4.30 Little Ballet 4-6 years old

Summer Training For Pilates Adults – June 30- july 1st – July 3rd-July 4th

  • 4 intensive Days of Pilates
  • Discover the basics behind Pilates Mat technique and Jey Unique Soft Pilates
  • Breathing methods (see article about breathing in Pilates ) , stretching poses, deep muscles reinforcement and construction.

For these two programs : Place are limited- Reservations are open online HERE book your space and ensure your self to enroll our Shanghai Workshop.

2. Summer Camp in Nice of the French Riviera 


It is official And I know you have been waiting for it (some of you) SO I’am Happy and Proud to Announce you that YES, YES and YES :

JeyDancePIlates Technique Class’ arrive in France for the whole summer.

A French version Article  for this event is on its way- keep posted i will share all the detail’s information  ASAP – 

In the Mid time Let me spread some exclusive informations about it :

  • An amazing place : Nice / French Riviera / VilleFranche / Beaulieu and around.
  • Outdoor sessions : We will have the chance to train and practice Pilates Outside. Beaches, beautiful public Gardens, private gardens, Villefranche Bay and many more will be our « rendez-vous » for intensive workout this summer.
  • Keep practicing : Twice a week Jey dancepilates will invite you to a special date to practice Pilates, Stretch and have fun together.
  • Best deal : Unique Price, little price to make it accessible to everybody and do not discourage any budget. 8Euros / class all summer long.

3. Open House in Shanghai 

End of Summer and on our way back to autumn term’ return we will have the incredible joy to hold two entire days OPEN HOUSE at DanceStudio5 in Shanghai. What will you find ?

  • Try Every Class FOR FREE
  • New Type of Dance
  • Hip hop for Adults
  • Yoga Kids and Mum
  • Pilates level 1 and 2
  • Ballet for Adults beginners : Combo with Floor Barre preparation
  • Little Ballet / Kids Ballets from 4 years old to 18 years old : All taught By JeyDancepilates.
  • Jazz / Contemporary / street dance.

When ?

  • Saturday 30 of August and Sunday 31th of August 

Be prepared this is going to be intensive and will brings you into dance world – way beyond your expectations !

So I hope to see you soon everybody either in France or in China- in the mid time do not hesitate to leave your comments, if any further question, info or inquiries please reach my through my website or my emails – contact form available. 

 And in order to help you get prepared and well aware about Pilates — go have a look on my previous article : how to manage the breathing In Pilates.

 Keep Posted and See you soon – with all my Love and Passion 

Jey DancePilates 



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