A dream image for most People as well as an issue. As a fact maintaining a flat tummy might be a difficult thing to do. Pregnancies, lifestyle, bad food habits,  big days of work, made life hard on your tummy.  We face now a lot of people unsatisfied with their « flabby belly » . 

Most women coming in My classes complain about their belly’s appearance and  how much they would like to tone it up. images

You will tell me, most of women are unhappy with their looks in general : « my arms are too flask”, “my belly is too soft”, “my legs are too big ».

Ok Girls are NEVER satisfied with what they’ve got in matter of looks. Loving your self, accept who you are, is a big key to feel good, happy  and have a great-healthy life. But it doesn’t mean that you have to do no exercise at all.

Doing some exercise, take care of your self, get a healthy lifestyle, practice sport, will help you getting in shape, feel better ease in your body and  gain in confidence and self-esteem. Change your habit, start working on your self. That is going to help you in many ways :

  • First achieve some workout will get you proudness  : good image of your self.
  • Second it will forces you to take a break from your crazy weekly schedule and will allow you to breathe and distance your problems.
  • The results !  You will see the actual changes on your body and THIS is the best reward you can imagine. It Will bring you motivation to keep going and highlight what you can achieve.

So Today  i’ve been thinking that could be useful and interesting for most people : guys and girls – because Yes – girls are not the only ones unhappy-  I also have a lot men who came to see me and asked for flatter tummy and solutions to get rid of their stomach.  So for New moms, hard-workrs, and those who just somehow neglect them selves :

Here are SEVEN simple and easy to do exercises that you can do from home and will really help you tone this belly up!




A. Lie on your back with your legs up and bent at 90 degrees—(like your were sitting) legs straight up and calves parallel to the floor (table position). Rest your hands at your sides. Keep your abs contracted and press your lower back toward the floor, push your belly button into your spine. Keep your abs alert.

B. Inhale and lower your left leg for a count of two, moving only from your hip and dipping your toes toward the floor (only brush the floor and high up your legs immediately). Exhale and raise your leg back to the starting position for a count of two. Repeat with your right leg and continue alternating until you’ve done 30 times with each leg.

A- Starting position B-Active position


Same exercise but lower your two legs together as you press deeply your belly  into your spine- and lift up your legs together. Do not move your knee position, only your hip is doing the movement. Watch out your lower back- do not let it curve.


Be Careful ! There is several version of this one – we can separate in two main ones : the easy one, and the difficult one. I’m going to give you both, and regarding your level you will choose to do one or the other, but very important thing is to secure your lower back so do not push and do not let it curve. 


A. Lie on your back with your legs extended along the floor. Raise your left leg to the top, with toes pointed and hands on each side of your body. Hold for 10 to 60 seconds. (If this position is uncomfortable, you can bend your  floor leg and put your feet flat on the floor)

B. Make a small circle with your up leg, rotating your leg from your hip. Inhale as you begin the circle and exhale as you finish. Try not to move with the rest of your body—no rocking—this will be achieved by tightening your abs. Do 10 circles inside , then reverse direction for 10 more. Change and repeat with your other leg.



Same exercise but lift off the floor- 5to 10 cm up above the ground. This will increase a lot the difficulty and will make your abs work way much harder. Again CAREFUL : if you don’t have enough strength to do it that way, you must choose option 1. This version needs to be properly done and will need for you to press your belly button into your spine in order to get your whole back into the floor- no curve into your lower back.


Start same position as in the toe dip (Number


Lay down on your back – whole body into the floor –

A. Inhale take your left knee into your both hands and extend your right leg

B. Exhale extend your right leg above the floor in front of you and as down as you can- press your left leg on your chest while you are stretching your opposite leg. Do at least 10 times each leg.


A. Start as in the Toe Dip but with your hands behind your head, elbows out to the sides. Curl up to raise your head, neck, and shoulders off the floor.

B. As you inhale, rotate your torso to the right, bringing your right knee and left shoulder toward each other and extending your left leg toward the ceiling in a diagonal line from your hips. As you exhale, rotate to the left, bringing your left knee toward your right shoulder and extending your right leg. Do at least 10 times each leg.

Harder version



Lie flat with your legs bended 90°C degree : table position (as in picture A previous exercise) arms by your sides. Squeeze your buttocks and your abs. Lift your head and look to your belly button (do not contract your neck). Raise your arms stretched and lean over your thighs and start pumping your arms up and down. Five inhale pump up and down, five exhale pump up and down. You are suppose to do 100 -as the name said – but for my beginners i suggest three times 30 pumps up and down. 


Lie flat with your legs squeezed together and long, strong arms by your sides.Lift both legs a few inches off the mat squeeze your buttocks, and your abs. Lift your head and look to your belly button. Raise your arms over your thighs and pump your arms up and down with energy. Five inhale pump- five exhale pump.



Hug both knees into your chest with your head lifted forward and your elbows wide. A. Inhale with control as you reach your legs forward and arms backward B.Exhale slowly as you deepen back into your hug position, using the pull of your knees into your belly and chest to expel more and more air from your lungs

EASY VERSION Keep your head and chest lay down into the floor

HARDER VERSION Lift chest and Head Do it 10 times (at least).

A- Starting position B-Strech legs in front of you


Lay down into the Mat- whole back into the mat- arms over your head – legs stretched in front of you.

A.Inhale with control as you bring your arms forward, shoulder-width apart, and begin lifting your legs

B. When your arms are parallel to your thighs, begin rolling up toward your feet, articulating one vertebra at a time and not allowing your pelvis to tip forward. Exhale slowly as you descend, replacing each vertebra 1 inch behind where it was taken off

A-Starting Position B-Processing exercise C-Final position


Lie on your stomach with your forehead down, the pubis anchored to the mat, and the inner thighs pressed tightly together. Your arms are stretched forward with the palms down, and your feet are pointed. Lift your arms, legs, chest, and head up Together and hold (can count 10 counts) Lifting higher and reaching longer with each progressive count. Do not let your legs touch down while doing the exercise.

A-Starting Position B-Alternate right and left leg C-Lifting higher, reaching longer

To conclude – You can Now Relax and Stretch !

Take a deep breath and go for a comfortable baby pose : Go sit on your heels and stretch your arms in front of you. Stay in this pose as long as you need. 

As I leave you with all these exercises Method and examples- I insist to remind you that you should never push harder than your level allows you to. Always watch out your lower back position – do not hesitate to take 5mins break if efforts become too painful – Help your self during the exercise by adopting correct breathing – Finally take your time and be patient : Practice makes perfect- so you just have to keep going ! 

This article interested you ? You have some remarks ? Please do not hesitate and get in touch with me : i’ll be glad to share&exchange !  

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