Pilates the hundreds exercices

Pilates The hundreds exercices, Geraldine Pilates definition

In the dictionary

Pilates :
a system of physical conditioning involving low impact exercises and stretches designed to strengthen muscles of the torso and performed with or without equipment
(mat / reformer / cadillac)

In the facts : what is Pilates ?

Pilates is a physical fitness system that was developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. Pilates was formed by Joe during the First World War with the intention to improve the rehabilitation programme for casualties.
During this period, Pilates was designed to aid injured soldiers in regaining their health by strengthening, stretching, and stabilising key muscles. He believed that mental and physical health were essential to one another, creating what is a method of total body conditioning.
Pilates uses correct:

  • alignment
  • centering
  • concentration
  • control
  • precision
  • breathing
  • flowing movement

The Pilates principles to establish a perfect working body. Pilates has a focus on the core which can basically be thought of as the ‘powerhouse’ of your body.
Your core is the area between your shoulders and your pelvis (without your arms and legs) and encompasses all the muscles within this area. The essential intrinsic core muscles are your transverse abdominus, pelvic floor and multifidus muscles which we learn to train as part of the Pilates method. Because of its core focus, Pilates is popular not only in the field of fitness, but also in rehabilitation, post injuries, post surgeries recoveries, and post-partum rehab.
It can be used to progress individuals through movements that represent their day-to-day activities.

What are the benefits ?

There so many benefits, that I will try to sum it up, to save you time :

  • strengthening and lengthening the muscles at the same time
  • long, lean, strong muscle’s tone without bulk
  • core muscle : abdominals, deepest abdominal belt, transverse and pelvic floor strengthening (ideal for post natal)
  • breathing pattern : develop awareness, efficiency and calm the mind
  • flexibility and mobility of the joints
  • alignment and posture’s correction
  • balance and coordination
Jey, pilates teacher in Shangai
Geraldine Pilates instructor in Shanghai

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