Big fest meals: how to Detox in between your Festive Season? 

We Hear “DETOX” everywhere and it’s tempting, let’s eat like a pig, and then detox.  But should  Detox makes sense ? 
First of all let’s explain what Detox really means:  “process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification”When you ask your doctor, he’s looking up and say “do you really think that body is un pure and can’t flush by it self ?” 

detox water

***So Detox Or Intox ?***

1- Detox is everyday

First it’s obvious that detox for one week or two to “toxify” the week after and double the excesses, has no sens. It might even be more dangerous for your health than no detox at all. The more you accumulate: fat and sugar, polluted air, chemicals and so on, the less you are active, you lack of sleep and have poor lifestyle habits, the more you metabolism is suffering. With time, to reverse damages is more and more difficult until it becomes impossible. It’s changing your DNA for good. 

For example if you sleep few hours for several months: you will damage your metabolism and brain (sleep is the best recovery process). And even if, after six months of poor sleep, you decide to reverse the damages and go for a big time sleep, it’s better than nothing, but will not be enough. The good way would be to: sleep well every night. The faster you balance excesses and poor lifestyle habits, the more efficient it is. The more you wait, the more dangerous it becomes.

 Detox is a little bit the same : it’s not a magic solution that vanishes all the excesses at once.

2- DETOX for Food: 

raw nuts

Let’s take Christmas: most of us consume more alcohol, more food: fat, sweet and salted. You feel like you’re having an hard time to digest, and it’s a quite true. Your liver is working like crazy and produces a lot of bile to eliminate fat and sweet; plus it has to filter all the toxins that came from ethanol, heavy metals, pesticides, and all the other stuff we find into modern processed food; It is over loaded and suffocating organ.

***How to balance ?***

Ok, now we have been a bit alarming, let’s look at solutions and sustainable ways to balance those facts. 

1- Light your liver

Wait before your next meal.  Experts now agreed On the benefit of intermittent fasting on your metabolism; it’s a a real “miracle”. 

You just have to wait 10-16 hours in between two meals (especially after heavy ones) and your body will start detoxing by it self. Intermittent fasting is completely repairing impacts of big fat meals on your metabolism.

You’ll get through without a cling; It’s a natural and super powerful internal cleansing. This has been such a tremendous discovery, that Japanese Yoshinori Ohsumi won a Nobel prize for it. 

2-Choose Wisely 

During meal it self, chose lighter options, it’s either alcohol or desserts. Balance the duck liver with lots of salad and fiber. My self I like to have champagne, but i’ll pass on the dessert. I’ll  go for seafood and bread, but no mayonnaise and salad on the side. 
my meal example:

christmas meal

3- Move, and move again

We will never say it enough, and that’s my job: physical activity is changing everything in your daily life habits and overall health. 


Sport is an amazing tool to regenerate and detoxify your body: 

  • it activates blood circulation. Blood circulation oxygenates liver and kidneys, responsable to get rid of toxins. 
  • Sweat; to sweat is eliminating heavy metals like plumb and mercure. 
  • Sport is activating lymphatic system, precious fluid that helps flush the toxins. 
  • Sport helps to dissolute fat cells, themselves responsible for toxins and accumulation. 

If you really don’t like sport: you can chose a “steam room” or sauna, it will help evacuate toxins. Be careful though, it will also eliminate minerals: think hydratation. 

What my Christmas routine looks like: 

  • 12/24:
    • 11 am: Swimming with fins; 45 mins of moderate cardio
    • 3pm :45 mins running (medium or fast pace). 
    • 3.45pm :30 mins strengthening with my Pilates Routine (pm me to ask your own program)
  • 12/24:
    • 8-11.30 pm Festive Diner meals 
  • 12/25 morning:
    • Intermittent fasting until lunch + dynamic walk 45 mins
    • 1-5 pm Festive lunch 
    • 6-7.30pm : dynamic walk 1H30. 
    • 9 pm: light veggie only diner. 

4-Detox with Food: 

Food it self is an amazing tool to detox and eliminate pollution, heavy metals and toxins. TCM has been known for ages to know which ingredient to chose. Since many of our toxins find themselves in the gastrointestinal tract, a good daily intake of fiber can help bind them up for elimination. Probiotics, live beneficial bacteria such as that found in yogurt, can also — day in and day out

— help to transform toxic compounds in the gut and prevent their absorption.

– Artichokes, charcoal, black radish and old root have huge detox effect. 

– Crucifers (kale, cabbages)-B Vitamin

 – Zinc, magnesium (can use pills) – Omega 3: fatty fishes, salmons and fish liver. 

Emphasize on Drinking ; tea, infusions, detox water (water with veggies / fruits) and coconut water are good options full of minerals and drainage functions. 

lemon water jeydancepilates

To conclude: 

In theory if we don’t toxify our bodies, we shouldn’t need detoxify it artificially. Our natural systems are efficient enough. 

In practice: it’s true that people :

  • over use medication,
  • don’t sleep enough,
  • slather chemicals on their skins
  • over-consume alcohol
  • don’t exercise (at all) enough
  • eat poor nutriments food so they need DETOX their bodies.

But DETOX is everyday, natural, and needs to be done RIGHT AFTER excesses and regularly.  *

bali pilates retreat

Best Regards, 


Ballet Teacher&Pilates Instructor

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