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Jeydancepilates launches FLOOR BARRE

(Barre au sol) 

Floor Barre Oct-01.png

Barre à terre literally “floor barre” in English is a technique that reproduces the classic ballet barre but into floor.
Also called “barre au sol” with Boris Kniaseff method, the barre is actually an imagined barre, and dancers / practicioners use the floor to get their exercises done.

Benefits of the floor barre are numerous and there are two main techniques
1- Barre au sol invented by the Russian Boris Kniaseff
2- Floor barre by Zena Rommett American dancer.

The method I’m using is the one from Boris Kniaseff barre au sol. According to his interviews “the technique is meant to be added to a traditional class (rather than as a replacement) and was developed by combining Graham style floor exercises with classical technique.”

Characteristically, Kniaseff’s barre au sol method is accompanied by music.
What for?

Floor barre is a fantastic way of maintaining core, hip, and foot control whilst not bearing weight down though your feet. It is often more challenging than a normal barre and an effective way of improving your technique whilst you are not allowed to do normal classwork.

While doing floor barre you can quickly work out where your weaknesses or any discrepancies in strength or range from side to side are.

It encourages concentration on alignment and efficiency of the muscles.
The body moves through patterns common in ballet and other movement disciplines but free from the usual affects of gravity. This provides opportunity to correct bad habits and gain deeper understanding of movement principles.
Floor barre is also a method favored to recover from injuries.
The techniques can not only be rehabilitative, but may also increase the dancer’s awareness of weaknesses and tendencies which may have led to injury in the first place.
For who ?
Even at the origin it has been invented by dancers for dancers. It is now completely accessible to non dancers who want work on their alignment, posture and grace/ flexibility.

Where and when?

From this wednesday and every week :

Discover floor barre method
6.30-7.30 at Nineclouds studio location 17 Xiangyang road, Julu road-

Register to me
email :
wechat: jeydancepilates
facebook :Géraldine Chemla

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