The biggest misunderstanding for Pilates and pregnancy

Don’t let prejudices and misinformations keep you away from the mat or the reformer while you’re expecting

For most women, being pregnant is a good news, and goes with celebration. But when you hear the heartbeat a few weeks later, it’s not uncommon for some of that initial excitement to morph into worry and stress. After all, it’s a lot on your shoulders, and women are then placed in the position to make that little life grows healthy or not; They receive many injonctions and orders ; what to do, what not to do; No pressure.

Of all the things that might be stressful and source of anxiety, Pilates should not be one of those.   To help calm down any fear you might have—and keep you safe and feeling good throughout the next nine months—I’ve asked my expert friends: doctors, midwife and my self (Pre&postnatal Pilates expert) about the risks and benefits to practice Pilates while pregnant;

Pregnant women shouldn’t do Pilates if they didn’t practice before

“Pilates is easily adapted to anyone and everyone. It can be modified to suit any needs and any level, whter you’ve practiced before or not is not a problem : Pilates will be adapted to pregnant’s body’s needs. One of the key principle of Pilates is . The to help women maintain strength in a safe environment. if you haven’t done Pilates before is not a problem, we will start and adapt throughout the pregnancy. Jey Pilates Instructor _

When you are not pregnant and start Pilates, there is a deep emphasis on lower abdominal contractions and the action to use your abs “in, up, and forward”, which means pulling them and suck the abs in. The aim is to use deep abs work and to get the deeper layer of the abdominals to be activated. If you start Pilates and you are pregnant, that type of contraction and depth of connection in the core cannot be the focus—the core will more a general support and the focus will be on whole body’s strengthening. What is true is your Pilates workout will be different from traditional Pilates workout.

Wunda chair pregnancy workout

Pilates only benefit for getting back in shape after birth

One of the worst comment i can hear, it’s so reductive, there are so many benefits to regular Pilates classes when you’re expecting. What most people don’t know: it brings benefits for both : the mother and the child.

When a mother exercises frequently, her progresses benefits the foetus. Epigenetic changes are when environmental factors affect whether a gene is expressed or not. The baby has a set genome from conception, but maternal exercise (an environmental factor) seems to positively affect the baby’s cerebral and physical development. Staying in shape (especially in the core and hips) also helps the mom prepare for the actual labor and childbirth. Plus, exercise helps you feel better in your body and release stress. Deep breathing patterns we use in Pilates are a set for life and can be used for labor and delivery as a powerful tool to control your birth, and reduce pain.

Pilates is also amazingly useful for bringing body’s education and anatomy awareness. Because of it’s precise instruction toward one muscle over another, it provides to the mom-to-be, a stronger sense of body’s awareness and help women to get used to their new bodies with ease, and acceptance. Control and stabilisation helps with any aches or pains from pregnancy such as low-back or hip pain, said The mid-wife.

Pregnant women shouldn’t do any core work

“Pregnant women should not do any core work that takes them from a supine position (lying down on their back) to flexing their spine ( for example classical crunches). There’s a truth behind it that Prenatal women wants to avoid diastasis recti ‘spread out of superficial abdominals’ and intra abdominal pressures, so it’s safer to avoid any head & chest lift. However, it is actually good for women to work on stabilization of the core and pelvis’s muscles .

We can modify the supine abdominal work by changing the body position from supine to lateral work, standing, or sitting. That’s why I also love to work with full range of Pilates equipments for Prenatal workout – reformer is an amazing tool to stay strong while pregnant. Jey Pilates Instructor.

side’s muscles strengthening

The appropriate way to ‘work your core’ when you are pregnant is focusing on the transverse abdominis as opposed to the rectus abdominis. Give up doing the Series of Five, and instead focus on corseting your waist while you do standing exercises.” — DR ZU, gynaecologist.

Now don't let your prejudices stop you from being healthy and active while pregnant. At @jeydancepilates we do provide classes from 12 weeks pregnant. 
Fore more infos& bookings: please email us JEYDANCEPILATES

Detox for the festive season

Big fest meals: how to Detox in between your Festive Season? 

We Hear “DETOX” everywhere and it’s tempting, let’s eat like a pig, and then detox.  But should  Detox makes sense ? 
First of all let’s explain what Detox really means:  “process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification”When you ask your doctor, he’s looking up and say “do you really think that body is un pure and can’t flush by it self ?” 

detox water

***So Detox Or Intox ?***

1- Detox is everyday

First it’s obvious that detox for one week or two to “toxify” the week after and double the excesses, has no sens. It might even be more dangerous for your health than no detox at all. The more you accumulate: fat and sugar, polluted air, chemicals and so on, the less you are active, you lack of sleep and have poor lifestyle habits, the more you metabolism is suffering. With time, to reverse damages is more and more difficult until it becomes impossible. It’s changing your DNA for good. 

For example if you sleep few hours for several months: you will damage your metabolism and brain (sleep is the best recovery process). And even if, after six months of poor sleep, you decide to reverse the damages and go for a big time sleep, it’s better than nothing, but will not be enough. The good way would be to: sleep well every night. The faster you balance excesses and poor lifestyle habits, the more efficient it is. The more you wait, the more dangerous it becomes.

 Detox is a little bit the same : it’s not a magic solution that vanishes all the excesses at once.

2- DETOX for Food: 

raw nuts

Let’s take Christmas: most of us consume more alcohol, more food: fat, sweet and salted. You feel like you’re having an hard time to digest, and it’s a quite true. Your liver is working like crazy and produces a lot of bile to eliminate fat and sweet; plus it has to filter all the toxins that came from ethanol, heavy metals, pesticides, and all the other stuff we find into modern processed food; It is over loaded and suffocating organ.

***How to balance ?***

1- Light your liver

Wait before your next meal.  Experts now agreed On the benefit of intermittent fasting on your metabolism; it’s a a real “miracle”. 

You just have to wait 10-16 hours in between two meals (especially after heavy ones) and your body will start detoxing by it self. Intermittent fasting is completely repairing impacts of big fat meals on your metabolism.

You’ll get through without a cling; It’s a natural and super powerful internal cleansing. This has been such a tremendous discovery, that Japanese Yoshinori Ohsumi won a Nobel prize for it. 

2-Choose Wisely 

During meal it self, chose lighter options, it’s either alcohol or desserts. Balance the duck liver with lots of salad and fiber. My self I like to have champagne, but i’ll pass on the dessert. I’ll  go for seafood and bread, but no mayonnaise and salad on the side. 
my meal example:

christmas meal

3- Move, and move again

We will never say it enough, and that’s my job: physical activity is changing everything in your daily life habits and overall health. 

Sport is an amazing tool to regenerate and detoxify your body: 

  • it activates blood circulation. Blood circulation oxygenates liver and kidneys, responsable to get rid of toxins. 
  • Sweat; to sweat is eliminating heavy metals like plumb and mercure. 
  • Sport is activating lymphatic system, precious fluid that helps flush the toxins. 
  • Sport helps to dissolute fat cells, themselves responsible for toxins and accumulation. 

If you really don’t like sport: you can chose a “steam room” or sauna, it will help evacuate toxins. Be careful though, it will also eliminate minerals: think hydratation. 


– Artichokes, charcoal, black radish and old root have huge detox effect. 

– Crucifers (kale, cabbages)-B Vitamin

 – Zinc, magnesium (can use pills) – Omega 3: fatty fishes, salmons and fish liver. 

Emphasize on Drinking ; tea, infusions, detox water (water with veggies / fruits) and coconut water are good options full of minerals and drainage functions. 

lemon water jeydancepilates

But DETOX is everyday, natural, and needs to be done RIGHT AFTER excesses and regularly.  *

bali pilates retreat

How to combine Pilates with other training

How to combine Pilates with other training ? 


If you do Pilates and add other forms of exercise into your weekly routine, you are cross training. There are some good reasons to do this. Here are a few:

  • Pilates exercises are oriented toward functional fitness, meaning that Pilates teaches you to move better, in general, thereby enhancing performance and reducing risk of injury in other activities.
  • Cross training that combines strength training with cardio is said to be the best way to get in good shape.
  • Cross training helps to add variety to a workout routine & develop balanced muscles.

Pilates with other training:

Strength and Flexibility in Cross Training

Cross training is really just combining exercise types. Pilates is the moderate strength training aspect of a cross training program.Pilates has so many more benefits, it’s hard to leave it at that but for today’s topic let’s look into that aspect:

Among Many Benefit Pilates huge benefit is to develop both: Strength and flexibility are of special interest for cross trainers.


The Pilates Method is founded on core strength.

Pilates mat and equipment exercises strengthen not just the outer muscles of the center of the body but also the deep inner Stabilizer muscles of the pelvis, abdomen, and back: like muscles: pelvic floor, deepest layer of the abdominal, and back muscles. These kind of precision is hard to obtain in any other disciplines as many sport target a result, a goal and a performance, whereas Pilates is all about correct & precise movement.  

Core strength by supporting trunk muscles is giving a nice and sculpted posture.  The joints without any pressure are free to allow a natural flexibility of the limbs.

While gaining this precision and right musculature will lead you to get better performances in any others sports.


Pilates is a full-body integration training. It develops amazingly: core strength.

However, if you are going to depend on Pilates exclusively for your strength training, you will probably want to add the resistance exercises done with large and small Pilates equipment. I like to use props in my group classes: magic circles, balloons. That will expand your options for developing strength in the limbs as well as the core.

Most of people love the long, lean-looking muscles that come from Pilates. Most of my clients are satisfied with the level of integrative, moderate strength training that Pilates provides.

Pilates resistance training is enough to give you:

  • -functional power
  • -help build bone
  • -burn more calories (because muscle is a calorie burner)

Continue reading “How to combine Pilates with other training”


The importance of taking some time Off

time off  -jeydancepilates- 

Holidays and summer are around the corner, and you already trying to figure it out: how to continue my routine? Keep my efforts all together and keep on progressing?

One week with no sport and you already freaking out thinking about it;

In this article I will let you know how to compensate 1-2 weeks without sport and which benefits (yes, yes) you can even get from it.  

First question is: How often do you practice?

To understand benefits, you can get from one-two weeks off: you first have to know where you stand. I explain:

-are you a regular practitioner?

-or occasionally workout If you a regular, meaning you train at least 2/ week during the whole year, even more if you’re an athlete: it’s brings benefits to stop your routine 1 to 2 weeks off /year.

The off-season is a necessary part of the training cycle.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with specializing in one sport year-round, it does present a problem when there is no time taken to let the body properly recover.

If you an occasional, you do less than 2 hours / week and you are not strictly regular, then it’s different: it might cause more negatives than positive to stop your sport. It can break down the fragile habits and make you get back to sedentary lifestyle.


 When you stop your routine: how to compensate?

Now big question is: you are taking some time off, ok, for 1-2 weeks, sometimes more: no regular sport : how to compensate?

  • Eat less

It might not be the advice you want to read. But big truth is: you are less active, you need less fuel: logic.

You need to reduce your amount of food and choose lighter options;

I see a lot of my athletes’ friends’ gaining weight when they stop training, because they keep on eating the same amount of food, sometimes more. It can lead them to sometimes 4kgs a week.

To enjoy your rest without alerting the scale: you’ll have to reduce your carbs intakes, sugar intakes and eat smaller portions;

Choose raw veggies, fruits full of water like watermelon (awesome in summer) and nuts : they will be your best friends.

  • Drink a lot of water


 Water plays a role in both muscle repair and growth.

Our body is made primarily of water, and water helps carry nutrients, electrolytes and virtually every other substance in your body to your muscles and organs. In fact, most experts affirm that a lot of disease, injuries and infections could be avoided by drinking sufficient water the whole year.

If you exercise regularly during the year your heart rate increased so your muscles can get a quick supply of blood and oxygen. But if you don’t drink enough water, this process becomes less efficient. The result can be muscle pain, spasms, cramps and slowed muscle growth. And of course fatigue.

While you taking some time off you want to get rid of all the toxins accumulated and help your metabolism to regenerate. Water will help with that.

  • Get plenty of rest

 As your’ on holidays all the point is to rest and enjoy with your loved ones right?

And if I tell you, (to make you feel even more guilt-free) that resting is playing a huge role in fitness results & muscles gain: then it’s even better right?When we regularly exercise: some of the fatigue stays with us, gradually accumulating during long periods of intense training dedicated to our favorite sport.

Even as we get fitter and fitter, the mechanisms of recovery and adaptation begin faltering, putting us at risk for chronic exhaustion, difficulty sleeping and loss of motivation, evidenced in part by declining testosterone levels and increases in creatinine kinase and urea.

  • Plenty of sleep

 How many times you heard that sentence huh?

As you taking some days off from your usual routine, it’s the right moment to allow you intense nights’ sleep. And those naps during daytime, along by the pool: why not?

Researches has shown that poor sleep is a major risk for heart disease and overweight;

Sleeping 8 hours a night is an amazing tool for:


-weight loss

-muscle’s gain

-sport performances

Athletes know that and most professional trainers ask for 10 hours sleep to their athletes.

A study from Stanford university women’s tennis team for five weeks as they attempted to get 10 hours of sleep each night. Those who increased their sleep time ran faster sprints and hit more accurate tennis shots than while getting their usual amount of sleep.

iStock-619238534-5a7884986edd6500365a247f (1)

Sleep can, in fact, be one of the best workouts you give your body, enabling it to rest and recover enough to hit the gym with more vigor the next day.

  • Move

Taking a long break doesn’t mean getting overly friendly with the couch and laying down all day long.

You don’t want to fall completely out of shape, and you certainly don’t want to add kgs that will be hard to shed later.

It’s time to diversify: Instead of your usual routine: take it easy an try new things.

Look for activities that either build up some attribute useful in your main sport or keep you moving but with a different mental focus.

For example if you’re a cyclist or runner: choose low impact activity and it might be the right time to try some yoga and stretch those legs!

And if you play basketball or tennis, dabble in mountain biking to keep the heart and lungs working, while giving the joints a break. 

If you spend a lot of time in the gym normally/ you can just enjoy some outside walks or go swimming each morning, your body deserves a rest and taking a Summer holiday is the perfect excuse.


I like to take 10 days completely off from my routine, and I feel that’s what my body needs after 10 months of intense training and teaching; During those 10 days I just take walks, slow swimming in the sea and that’s it : stretching, reading, enjoying  sun tanning sessions.


logoJeyPilates copie
Enjoy your holidays

Get plenty of rest, love, friends, sun, fresh air

Love jeydancepilates

5 ways Pilates can improve your sex life

sex life images

Dear Students I often point out Pilates for rehabilitation or alignment but there are much more fun reasons to add Pilates to your repertoire.

Researches have shown that not only Pilates exercises make sex better, but many of Pilates benefits have more than basic benefits in the bedroom.

1-Use your pelvic floor

The most obvious reason, Pilates makes you have a better sex, and I always emphasize this point elsewhere, it uses your pelvic floor;

Nowadays everybody talks about pelvic floor, but very few (even among professionals and fitness) know what it is and how to use properly.

Pilates is actually one of the only discipline that really makes pelvic floor muscles grow and tone up, and first develop consciousness about them. We work closely the pelvic floor as part of the core foundation.

But what really are pelvic floor muscles?

Before everything let’s recap what are pelvic floor muscles: Pelvic floor muscles are the layer of muscles that support the pelvic organs and span the bottom of the pelvis. The pelvic organs are the bladder and bowel in men, and bladder, bowel and uterus in women.

Because yes we talk about both genders when it comes to « pelvic flor », men are often surprised to learn that they even have one!

Researches, and the acclaimed Dr Kegel, recognized the importance of training the pelvic floor and its role to improve sexual function and satisfaction. A healthy, toned up, strong pelvic floor, Is the key to good sex life for women and men!

WHAT TO DO? Work your shoulder bridge on the Mat. Curl up and down between each repetition.


Then bring that move to the mattress. With consistency, your performance and intensity should help everyone cross the finish line

2- Stress reduction

As being a mind-body focus technique, Pilates will help you reduces stress and calm your mind.

The effects of stress are insidious. It takes a toll on your physical, emotional and relationship health, probably more than you realize. It impacts your overall health and by it your sexual life. Stress raises the production of a hormone called cortisol, and high level of cortisol in your body actually lower your sex hormones.

Lower degree of sex hormones equal lower libido.

Pilates with its regular practice, helps you control and manage stress, and prevent cortisol level from rising too high and too often.

It also, by calming the mind rises testosterone. When it comes to sexual desire, the most influential hormone is testosterone: the hormone responsible for sexual appetite, performances and pleasure.

Pilates class gives you stress reduction comparable to “holidays”, and who never noticed that on holidays your sexual life is way much more active

Playful smiles.jpg

3- Work on your breathing

A correct breathing is actually a pattern that very few master and that is essential in every daily life aspect.

When you have sex: you need all the oxygen-rich blood you can get coursing through your body, refreshing your cells, enhancing your endurance, and waking up all of your senses. Unfortunately, for many people their version of heavy breathing is shallow panting, not optimal for full on sex or exercises.

In Pilates we learn to lengthen and pace our breathing timing the exhales with the point of exertion. Translate this into love-making when you’re up for something more than a quickie and you and your partner can draw out a sex session that takes up a full afternoon or more.

What to do? Practice your hundreds (see picture below) then practice small pumps inhale for five, exhale for five.

hundreds version

4– Concentration

One of the sad facts about exercise is that most people try not to be there for it. They work their bodies but send their minds elsewhere. Pilates is one of this technique that makes you help concentrate and by it: be totally at what you do. Stay present

If you rehearse mentally checking out during physical activity, you may well fall into that pattern during sex. Distraction is an enemy to sexual satisfaction.

So working on your focus is imperative. Joseph Pilates intention was to integrate the body and mind toward an elevation of the spirit and full enjoyment of the pleasures of life.

WHAT TO DO? Begin at the beginning. Work on the first 5 moves of Pilates mat work (The hundreds, leg circles, rolling like a ball, one leg stretch, double leg stretch) with maximum concentration.

Do not let your mind wander outside your body. Note your sensations, challenges and breathing.

The next time you’re feeling frisky, bring your new found focus with you in bed and add this perk to your lover panoply.

This may be the most challenging for some but has the most impact.

 5- Improve variety, better balance

Pilates moves happen on your back, on your stomach, in sitting, kneeling and standing. Many moves challenge your stability and balance. Sex play can be a bit scary for some as we often get into habits routines that involve repeating the same position. As we get older, trying new things is harder mentally and physically.

Improving your balance can help inspire everyone to test drive a new method and simultaneously keep us safe.

WHAT TO DO ? Incorporate some balance Pilates moves into your routine. Most can be done anywhere and anytime. Try teaser.


Pilates is all about balancing your body. A balance of strength, mobility and even your body chemistry.

Be aware whatever exercise you choose that adopting a Pilates sensibility to right-size your workout is the very best strategy for a happy healthy body both inside and outside of the bedroom.

Now: what are you waiting for?




Pilates will Comes to You OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Hello Lovely Followers ! Glad to write to you again on My blog ! 

Sorry for the delay and late articles – I have been pretty busy at work, classes took all my time and have been running around, incapable of finding time to relax and write to my favorite audience, but here I’am and I’m coming back with a lot of great news and amazing upcoming events.

This summer i’m going to be there for everybody, spreading JeyDancePilates spirit world wide . Here are the programs : 

1 . Workshop in Shanghai 

affiche format okPILATES AFFICHE OK







Two upcoming events in Shanghai : 

Summer Training For Ballet Kids- From 30 of June to 5th of July –

  • Five days to Train, Learn better Ballet postures, discover musics rhythm and get deeper into Ballet Spirit.
  • Afternoon Intensive : 1.30-3.30 Kids Ballet 6-8 years old
  • Afternoon Intensive Little Ballet – initiation to Ballet world, vocabulary and terms : 3.30-4.30 Little Ballet 4-6 years old

Summer Training For Pilates Adults – June 30- july 1st – July 3rd-July 4th

  • 4 intensive Days of Pilates
  • Discover the basics behind Pilates Mat technique and Jey Unique Soft Pilates
  • Breathing methods (see article about breathing in Pilates ) , stretching poses, deep muscles reinforcement and construction.

For these two programs : Place are limited- Reservations are open online HERE book your space and ensure your self to enroll our Shanghai Workshop.

2. Summer Camp in Nice of the French Riviera 


It is official And I know you have been waiting for it (some of you) SO I’am Happy and Proud to Announce you that YES, YES and YES :

JeyDancePIlates Technique Class’ arrive in France for the whole summer.

A French version Article  for this event is on its way- keep posted i will share all the detail’s information  ASAP – 

In the Mid time Let me spread some exclusive informations about it :

  • An amazing place : Nice / French Riviera / VilleFranche / Beaulieu and around.
  • Outdoor sessions : We will have the chance to train and practice Pilates Outside. Beaches, beautiful public Gardens, private gardens, Villefranche Bay and many more will be our « rendez-vous » for intensive workout this summer.
  • Keep practicing : Twice a week Jey dancepilates will invite you to a special date to practice Pilates, Stretch and have fun together.
  • Best deal : Unique Price, little price to make it accessible to everybody and do not discourage any budget. 8Euros / class all summer long.

3. Open House in Shanghai 

End of Summer and on our way back to autumn term’ return we will have the incredible joy to hold two entire days OPEN HOUSE at DanceStudio5 in Shanghai. What will you find ?

  • Try Every Class FOR FREE
  • New Type of Dance
  • Hip hop for Adults
  • Yoga Kids and Mum
  • Pilates level 1 and 2
  • Ballet for Adults beginners : Combo with Floor Barre preparation
  • Little Ballet / Kids Ballets from 4 years old to 18 years old : All taught By JeyDancepilates.
  • Jazz / Contemporary / street dance.

When ?

  • Saturday 30 of August and Sunday 31th of August 

Be prepared this is going to be intensive and will brings you into dance world – way beyond your expectations !

So I hope to see you soon everybody either in France or in China- in the mid time do not hesitate to leave your comments, if any further question, info or inquiries please reach my through my website or my emails – contact form available. 

 And in order to help you get prepared and well aware about Pilates — go have a look on my previous article : how to manage the breathing In Pilates.

 Keep Posted and See you soon – with all my Love and Passion 

Jey DancePilates