Pilates retreat in Koh Samui 11-17 November 2018

Pilates retreat in Koh Samui

Discover the benefits of Daily Pilates practice and feel toned up and energized from inside out. 

Combining the power of Pilates method: core strength, alignement, posture assessment, muscles strength with magical environment : Koh Samui island surrounded by jungle, wild nature, white sand beaches and crystal water to find an holistic well-being.


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Pilates is a whole-body method that will develop your core strength, flexibility, posture and musculature in a safe yet very deep way.

Under the qualified and attentive guidance of Jey, pioneer of Wellbeing in Shanghai, former ballerina and Pilates instructor, you will be leading through Pilates classical method and her twist inspired by Ballet background including high end quality, safe movements adapted to any pathologies and issues, strong and precise workouts.

Acknowledging the importance of a tailor-made Pilates programme, you will also receive postural analysis, private classes to assess and modify exercises according to your needs. 

Combined with outdoor activities, stretching and organic food, the technique will help you to reach your physical potential and push your limits , inspire you to do more than you thought you were capable of. 

Push your practice to the next level 


Located 5 mins away from the white sand beaches, crystal water and surrounded by Jungles, the villas are the perfect place to find inner peace and restore. 

Each villas is 200 sqm with private bedroom and private bathroom, fully furnished with high end equipment (coffee machines, cold press juices, multi devices) surrounded by tropical garden, huge swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

The domain is an Eco-friendly place, with self-filtered water, self -energy solar panel. All bathroom products are 100% Organic and biodegradable: shampoo, conditioner and body wash.


  • 6 nights, 7 days
  • Organic Breakfast and 5 diners (1 night free to explore locals restaurants
  • Two daily Pilates practice with Jeydancepilates
    • Morning energy practice
    • Night calm stretch & ease
  • 1 to 1 assessment time with instructor
  • Surf, snorkelling, or a guided nature walk (see optional program)
  • transportations from/to Samui airport
  • Wonderful memories, restored body, new friends, holistic experience

Optional activities:

  • Diving day
  • Boat trip
  • Outdoor activity: surf, dive, snorkelling, sight seeing
  • Lunch, snacks and alcohol

Not included:

  • Flights
  • Travel insurance


1600 USD / Single private bedroom / private bathroom

***prices are / person

+ 1 guest: bring your loved one, friend: +500 USD (not doing the retreat)

Shared room: two persons doing the retreat: 1250 USD / person




WeChat= jeydancepilates

Tel: CH +86 18302148381

        FR +33 623549282



Rooftop Full body pilates event ☀️☀️

Jeydancepilates partnering with living room by octave :
Unique event to combine the powerful Pilates routine associated to the wellness of a healthy lunch: perfect balance.

The workout: one hour full body , no equipment to strengthen the body traditional way.
The brunch: organic food, cold pressed juices , raw salads, buffets + drinks+ mains. 🍅🍑

👉🏼👉🏼Price: 380 all included.
May 29th: 11-12 am pilates , 12.15: brunch.

Hurry up, spaces are limited because pilates needs small numbers to be done properly .

🖐🏼The event is kids friendly,

SPECIAL NURSERY for kids from 3YO. We keep an eye on them, while YOU exercise!

Place has big courtyard with outside amazing garden !Sunny brunch will follow!

Save your spot by booking and prepaying :
Living room by octave
For reservation: call 021-33384660 预定电话:021-33384660 或直接私信我[呲牙]

Ballet for Adults

Jeydancepilates launches FLOOR BARRE

(Barre au sol) 

Floor Barre Oct-01.png

Barre à terre literally “floor barre” in English is a technique that reproduces the classic ballet barre but into floor.
Also called “barre au sol” with Boris Kniaseff method, the barre is actually an imagined barre, and dancers / practicioners use the floor to get their exercises done.

Benefits of the floor barre are numerous and there are two main techniques
1- Barre au sol invented by the Russian Boris Kniaseff
2- Floor barre by Zena Rommett American dancer.

The method I’m using is the one from Boris Kniaseff barre au sol. According to his interviews “the technique is meant to be added to a traditional class (rather than as a replacement) and was developed by combining Graham style floor exercises with classical technique.”

Characteristically, Kniaseff’s barre au sol method is accompanied by music.
What for?

Floor barre is a fantastic way of maintaining core, hip, and foot control whilst not bearing weight down though your feet. It is often more challenging than a normal barre and an effective way of improving your technique whilst you are not allowed to do normal classwork.

While doing floor barre you can quickly work out where your weaknesses or any discrepancies in strength or range from side to side are.

It encourages concentration on alignment and efficiency of the muscles.
The body moves through patterns common in ballet and other movement disciplines but free from the usual affects of gravity. This provides opportunity to correct bad habits and gain deeper understanding of movement principles.
Floor barre is also a method favored to recover from injuries.
The techniques can not only be rehabilitative, but may also increase the dancer’s awareness of weaknesses and tendencies which may have led to injury in the first place.
For who ?
Even at the origin it has been invented by dancers for dancers. It is now completely accessible to non dancers who want work on their alignment, posture and grace/ flexibility.

Where and when?

From this wednesday and every week :

Discover floor barre method
6.30-7.30 at Nineclouds studio location 17 Xiangyang road, Julu road-

Register to me
email : jeydancepilates@yahoo.com
wechat: jeydancepilates
facebook :Géraldine Chemla

With love,

Grand Opening Atelier Pilates Côte d’Azur




Bonjour à Tous ! 

Aujourd’hui une info pour vous annoncer le


Le premier cours aura Lieu :

le 10 Juillet 2014 à 19 heures au Jardin du Monastère de Cimiez – 

(voir Map et photos de l’adresse ci-dessous)


Jardin des arènes de cimiez







Le premier cours est un cours OFFERT

Munissez vous simplement d’un Tapis de Yoga – d’une tenue souple et confortable dans laquelle vous pouvez facilement bouger- pieds nus ou avec les spéciales shoes Pilates (Voir Article outfit ).

Plus d’infos sur les Ateliers à Venir et les conseils / changements / updates Venez me rejoindre sur Mon Groupe Facebook jeydancepilates teaching – ainsi que de s’inscrire à l’événement Facebook de l’Atelier –


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Bonjour à tous –

Aujourd’hui on se retrouve pour le premier article EN FRANCAIS sur mon blog et l’occasion aussi de m’adresser à un autre public. 

Comme certains de mes élèves le savent déjà- jeydancepilates arrive en France pour tout l’été et avec ce concept des cours  de Pilates pour toutes celles et ceux qui passeront par la Côte d’Azur Juillet -Aout. 

Comment cela va t-il se dérouler ? 

Chaque semaine on aura deux rendez-vous – dans des lieux uniques, et la plupart du temps en extérieur- on se retrouvera pour pratiquer tous ensemble, apprendre les basiques du Pilates, développer la musculature profonde, s’assouplir et se ressourcer.

Je choisirai les lieux et vous enverrai à chacun et chacune, un récapitulatif avec ce qu’il faut apporter, l’heure, le jour et le lieu évidemment, ainsi qu’une petite MAP pour vous montrer comment s’y rendre.

Pour cela il vous suffit de m’envoyer un email et de vous inscrire à la NEWS LETTER que je vous enverrai chaque semaine.

Pour recevoir ses infos Pilates, lieux, cours, conseils et petites « surprises » c’est ICI – écrivez moi un email et mettez en OBJET « new-letter Pilates ».

Les lieux seront choisis en fonction des disponibilités, des arrangements logistiques et des conditions météorologiques. Je vais faire en sorte que nous puissions varier l’utile à l’agréable- et nous muscler tout en admirant de beaux paysages – par exemple on aura l’occasion de pratiquer dans des lieux magiques (voir photos ci-dessous)


Plages des marinières- Villefranche sur Mer





Colline du château-Nice


Parc Carole de Roumanie – Nice Ouest



Promenade des anglais- Nice

Comment me préparer ? 

Munissez vous d’un simple tapis de Yoga (possibilité d’en acheter dans tous les magasins de wellness- décathlon) – d’une tenue confortable, vêtements souples et dans lequel je puisse bouger, pas trop amples non plus histoire de pouvoir vérifier si la position est bien effectuée-

Le Pilates se pratique généralement pieds nus ou avec des chaussures spécialement conçues pour ça (voir mon article sur les tenues de sport et les chaussons Nike)

Que va t-on apprendre ? Quel niveau ? Est-ce que je vais suivre ? 

Oui le Pilates est malléable et accessible à toutes et à tous- quel que soit votre âge, votre forme physique et votre niveau, les exercices peuvent se dispenser suivant plusieurs paliers : débutant – intermédiaire- avancé-

Mes cours sont très pédagogiques, expliqués clairement, lentement et très surveillés. Vous n’aurez pas de risque de vous faire mal ou d’effectuer un mauvais mouvement, je vous aiderai à aller plus loin dans la compréhension du corps, le positionnement juste et la bonne posture.

Avec des exercices seul(e) ou en duos, vous aurez l’occasion d’appréhender tous les aspects du Pilates et l’unique technique JeysoftPilates. Une technique mise en place avec l’influence de mon passé de danseuse et ma formation classique ainsi que d’autres techniques comme le Yoga, Stretch, Barre à terre. Ceci pour vous permettre un travail global et complet du corps, avec une musculature qui se construira profonde, solide et en longueur.

J’effectue un niveau débutant à intermédiaire dans les cours proposés cet été- adapté au public que j’aurais devant moi, mais les exercices sont modulables et je vous donnerai les moyens de les effectuer suivant votre possibilité.

 N’ayez pas de crainte, vous pourrez tous et toutes pratiquer et adapter les challenges suivant vos capacités, vos résistances et vos profils:  le pilates c’est pour tout le monde et sans danger pour le corps. A l’inverse de certains sport : le Pilates ne brutalise pas les articulations, ne met pas de pression excessive sur les muscles et vous permet un développement rapide, mais en douceur.

Pour celles et ceux qui pratiquent déjà un sport à côté, c’est un élément qui complète quelle qu’activité que ce soit et vous rend plus performant pour vos autres sports.

Les cours seront composés de constantes du Pilates- alimentés par des variantes que j’aime amener et des petites surprises qui vous les rendront ludiques et agréables :

– Respiration – centre du corps – renforcement en profondeur tronc -abdominaux:profonds, grands, petits, obliques, transverses – dorsaux – bras – jambes – assouplissement – duos- anatomie – apprentissage technique –

NB: Afin de rendre accessible les cours à tous et à toutes je pratique un tarif unique et mini de 8 E / cours Le tout sera reversé à l’association jey dance pilates_ L’occasion de se muscler pour la bonne cause.

J’espère que cet article vous aura plu- restez branchées et n’hésitez pas à laisser un petit commentaire – je vous répondrai avec grand plaisir-
Quelques photos des cours JEYDANCEPILATES et à très bientôt pour plus de Pilates ! 






Pilates will Comes to You OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Hello Lovely Followers ! Glad to write to you again on My blog ! 

Sorry for the delay and late articles – I have been pretty busy at work, classes took all my time and have been running around, incapable of finding time to relax and write to my favorite audience, but here I’am and I’m coming back with a lot of great news and amazing upcoming events.

This summer i’m going to be there for everybody, spreading JeyDancePilates spirit world wide . Here are the programs : 

1 . Workshop in Shanghai 

affiche format okPILATES AFFICHE OK







Two upcoming events in Shanghai : 

Summer Training For Ballet Kids- From 30 of June to 5th of July –

  • Five days to Train, Learn better Ballet postures, discover musics rhythm and get deeper into Ballet Spirit.
  • Afternoon Intensive : 1.30-3.30 Kids Ballet 6-8 years old
  • Afternoon Intensive Little Ballet – initiation to Ballet world, vocabulary and terms : 3.30-4.30 Little Ballet 4-6 years old

Summer Training For Pilates Adults – June 30- july 1st – July 3rd-July 4th

  • 4 intensive Days of Pilates
  • Discover the basics behind Pilates Mat technique and Jey Unique Soft Pilates
  • Breathing methods (see article about breathing in Pilates ) , stretching poses, deep muscles reinforcement and construction.

For these two programs : Place are limited- Reservations are open online HERE book your space and ensure your self to enroll our Shanghai Workshop.

2. Summer Camp in Nice of the French Riviera 


It is official And I know you have been waiting for it (some of you) SO I’am Happy and Proud to Announce you that YES, YES and YES :

JeyDancePIlates Technique Class’ arrive in France for the whole summer.

A French version Article  for this event is on its way- keep posted i will share all the detail’s information  ASAP – 

In the Mid time Let me spread some exclusive informations about it :

  • An amazing place : Nice / French Riviera / VilleFranche / Beaulieu and around.
  • Outdoor sessions : We will have the chance to train and practice Pilates Outside. Beaches, beautiful public Gardens, private gardens, Villefranche Bay and many more will be our « rendez-vous » for intensive workout this summer.
  • Keep practicing : Twice a week Jey dancepilates will invite you to a special date to practice Pilates, Stretch and have fun together.
  • Best deal : Unique Price, little price to make it accessible to everybody and do not discourage any budget. 8Euros / class all summer long.

3. Open House in Shanghai 

End of Summer and on our way back to autumn term’ return we will have the incredible joy to hold two entire days OPEN HOUSE at DanceStudio5 in Shanghai. What will you find ?

  • Try Every Class FOR FREE
  • New Type of Dance
  • Hip hop for Adults
  • Yoga Kids and Mum
  • Pilates level 1 and 2
  • Ballet for Adults beginners : Combo with Floor Barre preparation
  • Little Ballet / Kids Ballets from 4 years old to 18 years old : All taught By JeyDancepilates.
  • Jazz / Contemporary / street dance.

When ?

  • Saturday 30 of August and Sunday 31th of August 

Be prepared this is going to be intensive and will brings you into dance world – way beyond your expectations !

So I hope to see you soon everybody either in France or in China- in the mid time do not hesitate to leave your comments, if any further question, info or inquiries please reach my through my website or my emails – contact form available. 

 And in order to help you get prepared and well aware about Pilates — go have a look on my previous article : how to manage the breathing In Pilates.

 Keep Posted and See you soon – with all my Love and Passion 

Jey DancePilates 





An unique and original event, never done in Shanghai before.




MIKE HONDA : Salsa – Latin Street Dance Instructor

JEYDANCEPILATES : Formet Ballet Dancer- Pilates Certified instructor


Two strong and influent artists, devoted to their passion and Dance will Bring You Energy, vitality and Love during these Two Hours Workshop !

Based on the idea that Pilates is One of the best warm-up and Preparation to get the Body trained to Dance, The Workshop will be The Perfect Occasion to demonstrate How PILATES JEY’S METHOD can be an efficient tool to know your body’s function and make it move properly without any risk of injury.

PILATES is One of the Best Technique to muscles and train the whole body, gently – no chock for the body – no injury – no violent movement that can hurt your self and shake the body badly.

SALSA : Don’t even need to be described anymore. The Most Popular and Sensual Dance of Latin Countries :   is one of the most popular and sensual dance in the world. The two technics combined for a perfect balance between core strength improvement and funny basic latin dance steps.

Workshop Description:
The first hour of the workshop will be dedicated to Aerobic Warm-up  (light weight and Tonic Movements on Music-) Pilates Mat technique. During this hour you will discover your core strength, wake up your abs and deep muscles, stretch your body and get ready to dance!

The second hour will be an introduction to Salsa Dance including basic steps, turns and partnering. (If Only Girls, our Salsa teacher will adapt his class and Make only Girls Steps Teaching combine with Latin Dance – Fun – Entertaining and Sensual Steps-) Complemented with Salsa Music !

The workshop is for beginner to intermediate level – accessible to anybody who would like to dance and move- No need To be professional Dancer- or even Regular Dance –  and will be conducted in English/French.


1-3 P.M 

Fees : 300 rmb / person / Two Hours 



Subway Station : Shaanxi South Road – Line 1 or Line 10 

Infos and subscriptions with Corine :