Bring your well-being to the next level with our Pilates Retreats in Thailand, in paradise lanscapes. Daily pilates class, healthy food, reserve now !

Belle Maternity is established in Shangai, China. Through Yoga classes, Pilates Classes, Education and information around maternity, exchange, support, …

Anna Leak is a family photographer capturing ove & connection and creating beautiful memories on the French Riviera.

After the publication of a decree governing the practice of pilates in France to teach the method, the FPMP has set up a quality label, which ensures the professionalism of these members. Today, the FPMP has more than 350 members and works in partnership with the sports for all federation to issue a diploma recognized by the Ministry of Sports. The federation works in France and Europe (at meetings with other federations of National Pilates) to maintain the standards of our profession, in particular by creating an accreditation system for training schools meeting specific specifications and by disclosing the strong values ​​of our profession through its ethical charter.

Fédération des Professionnels de la Méthode Pilates

La FPMP: pour préserver et développer la haute qualité de l’art du Pilates.

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CCCDanse aims to bring together all lovers of dance, and lovers of all dances. It is above all an open platform, it reflects many ways to love dance: sometimes with rigor and seriousness, to deal with complex topics, to dissect artistic approaches, to deepen topics, but also sometimes with lightness and humor, because that’s how we dance : with smile !

State-certified sports coach for more than 10 years, Lucile Woodward offers a sustainable fitness method, suitable for all women. Its programs will help you to adopt new sports and food habits, respectful of your body, and to keep them in the long term ! To finally be in agreement with yourself.

PMA Method Alliance for Pilates

BASI is a world leader in Pilates Teacher Training, education and equipment. We offer comprehensive and mat certification programs.

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Ballet List Barre and Pilates


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