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Upcoming events and classes

Next pilates retreat is coming soon !

Jey Dance Pilates and Pilates retreats in Thailand planned a pilates retreat from 4th to 9th November 2019.

Koh Samui beach boat

Bring your practice to another level

The ultimate well-being, daily Pilates, magical environment, organic food, multiple outdoor activities, in an eco friendly resort.

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Summer events / Nice (France)

pilates and kayaking in Nice (France) summer 2019
Pilatesand kayaking, follow-up of a bio discovery aperitif in France, all 2019 summer

Discover benefits of Pilates, smooth postural reinforcements, combined with the well-being of an outdoor sport : kayaking. Follow-up of a organic discovery aperitif.

Reservations and booking : Centre de découverte du monde marin
Phone : +33 (0)493 553 333

Group classes

Pilates group class, level II

Every thursday – 8 pm at Shawanda Studio, Nice 06000 (France)

Floor barre class

Every friday – 12 pm at Shawanda Studio, Nice 06000

Pilates mat class

Every saturday – 10 am at Crew Pilates, 21 avenue Robert Soleau –  Antibes, 06600 (France)

Individual class – At home on appointment

Rehab, special training, posture, spinal surgery, pre/postnatal (diastasis recti, pelvic floor rehab)

Individual classes


Rituel Studio :
Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair


use MindBody to take an appointment with Jey

Nice, Antibes, French Riviera

By appointment : contact Jey by email

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