What is Belle Maternity?

Belle maternity is a program founded by Jey (Jeydancepilates founder) and Marie (by Marie) : two certified instructors in Pilates and Yoga, which aim to accompany and support women and bring them wellness and well-being through their motherhood journey.

Belle Maternity is first:

  • Prenatal yoga
  • Postnatal Pilates
  • Postnatal Yoga with babies,
  • Delivery training with Pilates
  • Active birth for couple to prepare the labor with Active Birth Yoga 

At the beginning it’s “Yoga and Pilates” classes to take care of future mum, mum to be, and new mums, to prepare during pregnancy before, and repair after delivery.

But Belle Maternity is much more than Pilates and yoga classes.

Jey and Marie, who have accompanied women from the 5 continents for the last 5 years, decided to bring their expertise and care to an extra level by bringing together experts from various fields: -midwife, TCM, Osteopath, Image consultant, Breastfeeding consultant, Essential oil specialist, psychotherapist –

Belle Maternity is a community that brings support, experts, conferences, partnership and speakers to guide and surround these women, the couple, and their families are surrounded with warm and efficient team. It’s a community that consider women as a whole and help them live & experience their maternities at their best. Jey and Marie using a holistic approach to help women, couple and families in this very special time: motherhood and maternity.